James Patrick was at the helm today as we sailed through the port of Durban and out to sea for a cruise with the Patrick family. Durban is the busiest port in southern Africa and there was a lot of ship movement – so we had to stay particularly alert to keep clear of tugs and pilot boats.


Jordan, Sue and Ben on the bow modelling the sought-after Angra trademark hats!


It was a lovely calm sea off the Bluff, so we spent most of the time on the fly-b


 Then Ben took the wheel offshore under the watchful eye of his father Mark. He has a steady hand and is good at keeping a compass course.


It was the first time at sea for Felix – our indispensable craftsman and jack or all trades. He has been instrumental to the various projects we have completed recently – recaulking the deck, main engine achor chain replacement and coating.


And we were visited by a large school of Dolphins. They came close to investigate us but then turned and headed northwards towards Umhlanga Rocks.


A lovely end to the cruise!

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