June 2013

There was a small celebration aboard M.Y. Angra Pequena this weekend to celebrate her new ownership. She is now owned by Miranda Quests, and registered in the Cook Islands.

Her renewed mission is to support marine conservation by providing a platform for marine research, training and expeditions that improve awareness of our oceans and help to save our seas. She will also offer scuba-diving adventures and live-aboard holidays when she is not engaged in a research or conservation project.


Angra Pequena’s new certificates were ceremoniously framed and hung on the bridge, making her new endeavour feel very official!




Angra Pequena was originally named after Luderitz, “little bay” where she was built in 1959


And, the following will give you some insight into the choice and derivation of the name “Miranda Quests” …….

Miranda – A Celestial body, in orbit around the planet Uranus

Miranda is the innermost moon of the Uranus, the seventh planet from Earths Sun, which is named for the ancient Greek god personifying the sky and heavens and married to Gaia, the earth goddess.  Miranda was discovered in 1948 and was named for after the character in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Miranda is the smallest of the 5 major moons, which include Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon. Images from the Voyager 2 probe show unusual topography, indicating intense geological activity in the moon’s past, and the surface has a patchwork of broken terrain and huge canyons.

M.V. Miranda – a 15m wooden converted Dutch prawn-trawler. Here original name was Zukunft. She was moved to the Mediterranean, and in 1983 was sailed along the Spanish Costa Brava and French Riviera, and across to the Baleares. Current location unknown.


A Quest – journey with a significant goal, overcoming obstacles, travelling to exotic locations and cultures, embarking on a heroic odyssey

Quest – RCOD 30 ft wooden sailing yacht. Restored and sailed out of the port of East London, South Africa, in the 1980s by Dr Ian Michael Harris and family.


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